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Why buy a contemporary handmade violin when you can have that seductively old (and reassuringly expensive) one?

Stradivari violins were once new. They were made by a master violin maker and a shrewd businessman, and were already wonderful instruments that were much in demand from the word go. Through the centuries they have acquired a legendary status as being the best instruments in the world, their secrets long lost and their tonal beauty unsurpassable by any who dared follow.


Thus was born the myth of age. In recent times this premise has been challenged by scientific analysis. Double blind studies, in which neither the player nor the listener know the provenance of the violin, have shown that contemporary handmade violins are more often than not preferred over old masters by both players and listeners alike. This is not to say that old violins of known makers are devoid of merit. Nor that you should chose your violin based on a blind test. I am merely urging you to put side the allure of age and try out some contemporary instruments. You might be pleasantly surprised, and save yourself a bundle in the process.


Of course my violins come with a 10 year guarantee against defective

workmanship, and up to three free health and set up checks in the first two years. Even Stradivarius cannot top that!

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