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Handmade violin (2016) based on the 1715 Titian Stradivari

handmade 2016 violin, 1715 stradivari model, collage

Brahms concerto

Bach E partita gavotte en rondeau

I would urge you to listen to the instruments on regular speakers rather than on your phone. Please note that the sound clips can taken a few seconds to load on some devices and networks.

This violin was made in 2016 and is modelled on the 1715 Titian Stradivari, a golden period instrument noted for its formidable power and tonal beauty. The belly is made from two pieces of quarter sawn spruce of fine grain. The back is likewise made from two pieces of quarter sawn horizontally flamed maple of great reflectivity. The varnish is lightly shaded and delicately blushed, of orange hue over a golden ground. The tone is powerful and silvery with lingering overtones.

Excerpts played by John Mills, leader of the renowned Tippett Quartet, John Wilson Orchestra, and co-leader of the English Chamber Orchestra.

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